Easter Hair

Easter Hair

A very detailed Easter Bunny

I thought that people only went all out for hats on Easter, but these folks are showing that some of us will go the extra mile in adorning our hair too. I saw more than a few Easter baskets, eggs and bunnies in people’s hair and it occurred to me that this might be a trend that I have been overlooking all this time. This kind of bold hair choice is not for me, but it’s a look.

This first picture was the motivation for this post because I was stunned when I saw it. First off, the detail is amazing. Check out  the colors and the lines keeping in mind that this is hair, not paper or fabric. Second, I do love a flashy personal statement , so this definitely qualifies. The barber that did this is very creative, and I only wish that I had more information to share about this person and his work.



The left side of the main picture.



A hair basket with real candy

I hope for this child’s sake that this is temporary dye and that she had a real basket somewhere with way more candy than this.



Hair basket with plastic eggs – how fitting that this pic is in a kitchen.

This looks like it was done by someone who dreams of competing at one of those Bronner Brothers hair shows. If you are not familiar with this spectacle, do yourself a favor and click here: Bronner Brothers Hair Show.



Braids with plastic eggs.

I saw many photos of hairdos containing these plastic eggs. I wonder if they were filled and if she was able to sleep on these things.

So next year if you’re feeling bold, skip the hat and do something fanciful with your hair. Go crazy with the concept and color. It’s probably a lot cheaper even if people are likely to look at you funny.




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