Iyanla Fix My Life

Iyanla Fix My Life

The New Season Began May 10

If you love “Iyanla Fix My Life” like I do, May 10 seems like a long time to wait for the new season. OWN has been running marathons, but I have seen most of those old shows several times already and am looking forward to seeing the new ones. I saw Iyanla during one of the seminars at the Essence Festival last year, and she was awesome. She only spoke for about 30 minutes and that packed auditorium was enthralled during the entire presentation. Her overriding message to the women there was that many of us are out of order which really cannot be denied about the collective. I read some criticism about that message later on, but please believe that the folks in attendance enjoyed every minute of her speech. Just because something does not apply to you that does not make it untrue. Furthermore, her comments were coming from a place of concern and not of condemnation – there is a difference.

The show is so popular because although Iyanla is a minister and a spiritual leader, she is very down to Earth and has no problem calling anyone out on their foolishness. Or as she puts it, “Calling a thing a thing.” On one of her first shows, she called notorious reality tv brawler Evelyn Lozada a thug among women, and Evelyn just accepted it. Heck, it was true. I can never understand why people get so upset when they come on the show and she confronts them about some glaring fault. Have they not watched previous episodes? I could definitely use her help, but there is no way that I would ever agree to air all my many personal issues on national tv. So my next best bet is to watch and learn from the show.

Celebrity Guests

In addition to Ms. Lozada, Iyanla has had other celebrities on her show like Terrell Owens, Syleena Johnson, Sheree Whitfield, the Pace sisters and DMX. That episode with DMX was a hot mess because he seemed like he was high and was so disrespectful to her that Iyanla told him that he could never speak to her again. He is an addict and in denial about what this has done to his family, yet he claimed that he thought he was there to discuss his womanizing and even threatened to sue OWN and Iyanla if they continued airing that show. Yeah, good luck with that Earl.

Iyanla & DMX

Calling DMX out on his filthy mouth

One of the most memorable moments on her show was when she was counseling a pastor’s wife about her relationship with her cheating husband and what that had done to her self image. The woman said that she did like herself even without the material trappings that came with that marriage and Iyanla asked  “So why would you sell her down the river for a hat and a parking space?” The woman could only respond that she didn’t know. She did ultimately leave the marriage which surprised the cheating husband who confessed to his bad behavior and said it was due to childhood sexual abuse.

Iyanla Counsels a first lady

Iyanla helping a first lady acknowledge her feelings

Here are the main reasons why I love Iyanla and her show:

She’s from Brooklyn. This is not as shallow as you might think because everyone knows Brooklynites are cool. Plus she calls people “boo.”

She is a sharp dresser. Iyanla does not shy away from color and patterns and her makeup game is on point.

Iyanla is a snazzy dresserIyanla is a snazzy dresser


Iyanla is dramatic. During an episode about 19 relatives living under the same roof, Mamma Iyanla was upset over how little empathy there is for the woman of the house whose husband has been moving various family members into the house (14 in total) without even discussing it with her first. Their children, his sister, a nephew, a niece and her small children are all there and they are anything but one big happy family. Surprisingly, the woman’s own son is one of the main critics and isn’t even defending his mother against the others who are acting like she is the worst person in the world. Having had enough, Iyanla stands up and announces that she is going to “weep in the bushes” for the lady of the house. Iyanla broke down in tears during the filming.

She comes up with her own words like craziment, and I admire folks who have their own vernacular.

She’s a hugger. You can come on the show acting like you are not going to be folded into her arms if you want to, but Iyanla is going to hold you to her bosom before it’s all said and done. Resistance is pointless.

Iyanla Hugging Evelyn Lozada

Iyanla gives good hugs

Her advice is accessible and real. It does no one any good to get lofty moral teachings that you have no idea of how to implement in your daily life. She may ask you to face hard truths and to do your work, but the concepts are pretty simple.




One thought on “Iyanla Fix My Life

  1. I love her for many of the same reasons. She is awesome. I’ve read her books and she has really overcome some serious challenges and abusive situations in her own life. I admire her strength and that she shares it with others to bring them through their rough patches.


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