About this weather….

It's too damn cold
I understand that it’s winter, but I am over all this cold weather. It’s not just cold, it’s bitter cold – the kind of cold that gets down in your bones and creates popsicles out of water bottles left in cars. This is the kind of cold that wreaks havoc on your social life because who wants to be traipsing about when the temperature is in the teens?

I have to think long and hard before venturing out in this frigid weather, and if there are not some really good reasons for me to be out, then I am staying on the couch in a Snuggie. Matter of fact, I have plans for tonight that I am probably going to ditch because it’s been pouring all day and the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing which means that the roads will be an icy mess. I am not trying to risk life and limb out here just to be chilling with wine and cheese. Not today satan

I did not move to the south to deal with this kind of persistent cold. I had visions of sitting on a porch sipping mint juleps and listening to tall tales told by courtly gentlemen. Instead I have mainly been making a mad dash to the door from my car so that the tears in my eyes (from the cold) don’t freeze!

My only consolation is that it is finally cold enough for me to wear my fabulous new coat that I bought in November, but for real, I am just about over that too. This is fur weather- Yeah I said it! I know it’s not politically correct, but please believe that if I had a fur I would be wearing it although I’d have no chance of looking as fierce as a vintage Teddy P. Tedd P in Fur

I actually tried on a fur just for kicks last month. I had no intention of buying it, but this other customer kept giving me dirty looks and demanding to know what kind of fur I was wearing. I was like listen homechick, this thing was dead when I got here, so you can stop looking at me sideways – that won’t bring it back to life. Those folks in that store might want to get some security just in case more of these militant folks start acting up on the premises.

We are under a winter weather advisory until tomorrow morning so I am in for the day. Bring on the Netflx and hot toddies!


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