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Scandal – No Sun on the Horizon

Scandal No Sun On the Horizon

Who Shot Ya?

Last night’s episode was the best in a long time, and I don’t think I breathed for the last 3 minutes. The ending was a major cliffhanger that makes us look at Jake in a whole new way. I was not buying him as the new Command – Rowan is a tough act to follow- but Jake showed that he is not playing games anymore.

Sally Langston is officially crazy. She has gone all Lady Macbeth after having killed Daniel Douglas and is now talking about confessing to get back in the Lord’s good graces. Problem is, if she talks, a lot of folks are going to jail and Cyrus and them are not having it.

Olivia Learns the Truth

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the gladiators are telling Liv that Sally killed her husband and Cyrus and Mellie covered it up. She does not believe it, not because she thinks it’s impossible, but because she thinks Cyrus would have called her first. Once she confronts him and realizes that it’s true, homegirl cracks up. Then she tells him that he is on his own because she wants to walk in the light and feel the sun on her face.

Olivia Loses It

Liv returns to her fallback guy Jake claiming that she wants to pretend to be normal and does not want to talk about what is really going on. Jake asks her to run away with him and then they get it on. Problem is, he took the roll in the hay for more than it was, and starts catches feelings all over again. Big mistake Jake. Sigh, when will he learn? Cue that old Babyface hit “Whip Appeal.”

Cyrus decides that the best way out of this mess is to kill  Sally, but his go-to assassin, Charlie, has been grounded, so Cyrus meets with Jake to try to convince him that Sally needs to die for the greater good.  Unmoved by Cyrus’ speech about saving the Republic, Jake declares that he is not his errand boy and proceeds to put him in his place with this gem, “You are small, and while I’d love to explain to you how the world really works, I don’t have the time, and you wouldn’t understand it.” Um, so who is this new Jake standing up there reading the King of Shade like an elementary school primer? No one talks to Cyrus like that. 

Cyrus Gets Shaded

Jake comes to see Olivia and tries to get her to talk about her problems, but she refuses to tell him anything. He tells her she can trust him to keep her secrets and asks her to stand in the sun with him. Notice a trend here? She sighs, and he finally realizes that she is still hung up on Fitz so he leaves– after picking up his face. Realizing that he is not going to get help from his fake girlfriend, Jake sends Quinn to Olivia’s office to find out what she is hiding.  Just like the over-eager puppy that she has always been,  Quinn happily breaks into the safe and steals all the info about the murder and cover-up. Man, I see another impromptu dental session with Huck in her future real soon….

The Debate Gets Heated

During the debate, Sally tries to shade Fitz for his moral failings, and he basically tells her that she can walk over, but she’ll be limping back noting that her husband is now dead. Olivia called him before the debate, so he knew that Sally was planning to confess during the debate and he was daring her to go through with it. Not realizing that there was a sniper in the wings waiting to take her out if she talked, Sally announces that she has a confession to make, but after she pauses for too long, Fitz throws her a lifeline and accuses her of stalling. She recovers and goes back into attack mode hitting him on his “endless personal failings.”

James, You’re In Danger Girl

Leo stops by Cyrus’s office to gloat after the debate, and his offhand comment about a buzzing sound leads Cyrus to find the bug that James planted in that digital frame on his desk. The jig  is up. Cyrus rolls up on James and calls him Publius and then proceeds to apologize for everything and says that he loves him. “You shouldn’t have to pay for my mistakes James. Just know that I am so very sorry, and I love you. ” Now if that doesn’t sound like the kiss of death, then Olivia is going to give up wine and adultery. RIP James. RIP James Novak
I thought for sure that Cyrus Rutherford Beene was going to finally snap and kill his husband, but nope, he was just real tearful and apologetic. For now anyways. We all know that Cyrus is a master manipulator, so he may well have been setting the stage for something else, but James buys it and decides that he does not want to go through with his plans to expose the murder. James and David meet up with two reporters and then realize, too late, that the meeting was a set up. The two reporters are shot dead and then the camera zooms in on the shooter…… Jake!  He raises a gun and pulls the trigger and the scene fades to black without showing us who else was shot.

Now I had a feeling that someone was going to die during this episode, but I did not think Jake would be the killer! Knowing how Shonda and her crew love the unexpected plot twist, it may turn out to be something completely different.

Whatever the case, I am predicting that Sally is either going to commit suicide or wind up in the psych ward.

And another thing, I am so tired hearing about Fitz, Vermont and jam. It’s never going to happen, and I am ready for the return of the old boss gladiator because this new Olivia is a whiny conflicted mess. No wonder Daddy Pope stays reading her every chance he gets.