Scandal Episode 315-Mama Said Knock You Out


Scandal Mama Said Knock You Out Meme


Scandal – No Funeral for James?!

I just knew that we would see some of James’ funeral this week. Although it would not have been nearly as good as what the fans were planning online, I was hoping to see  a tearful eulogy, a moving solo or someone throwing themselves across the casket. We did finally get to see Baby Ella for the first time in like a year, so that is some consolation. Oh, and Cyrus figured out what really happened, but he can’t do anything about it.

The episode opened with Liv running around looking frazzled trying to get a tv reporter to delay an interview. The Grant children, Gerry and Karen, are back from school to present the picture of one big happy family– only they are not so happy. Fitz’  brother/son is secretly running a hostile Twitter Account “Fuhrer Fitz” that he is using to smear his dad and he is planning to sabotage the interview while wearing a Reston t-shirt. Karen is dripping with disdain for her father until she catches Mellie in the act with “Uncle Andrew” and then she directs her venom towards Mommie Dearest going so far as to tell her shut up. It’s like early Thanksgiving in that joint. They need to call Iyanla to fix all their lives.


Olivia thinks that they can stop B613 if they can identify and cut off their funding. Yeah, like there is a line item somewhere for secret assassins. Huck warns them that they are on a suicide mission. “You don’t take down B613. You run, you hide or you die, and B613 survives. It always survives.”  Huck again tells Olivia that they need to rescue Quinn, but Olivia is not having it since Huckleberry Quinn pulled a gun on her the last time she tried to save her.

Rolling With Dmitri

Quinn and Charlie are driving at night with Charlie grilling her about what happened between her and Huck in her apartment. He has lots of questions and seems almost jealous. He offers to kill Huck for her, but she says she is done with him and the rest of Olivia Pope and Associates.  She tells him that they have work do do and once the car stops she pops the trunk and the camera closes in on a bound man she calls Dmitri – that would be the same Dmitri who met with Marie Wallace, AKA the Notorious MOM, last week.  Dmitiri is part of some Ukrainian crime ring, and the government was following him. He is apparently the advance man for Ivan who stood up Marie at the meeting last week – you know the meeting where she shot someone without batting an eyelash.

Olivia is asking for more time to prep the kids before the interview but Fitz wants to play kissy face while Mellie and Andrew are carrying on all over the White House like a couple of horny teenagers.  Hey Andy, Don Draper called, and he wants his hand up the skirt move back! Later  that day, Olivia is strutting down the hall when she spots Mellie coming out of an office grinning like a fool only to be followed out by Andrew just seconds later. She warns him to stay away from Mellie because they cannot stand another sex scandal, and he doesn’t even bother denying it. Instead he smirks about glass houses before walking away.

Rowan calls Olivia and warns her to back off B613 because they have eyes and ears everywhere. He had to call in some favors to spare her this time but she is pushing it. She is not hearing it, so he hangs up.

Marie calls Ivan and warns him to show up or else. He is spooked because he has not heard from Dmitri who we last saw in the trunk of Charlie’s car. Adnan suggests that they call the whole thing off since they are having problems with their crew, but Marie lets her know that there is no way out unless she says so, and I have a feeling that her way out involves an unmarked grave.

Mellie Gets Busted With Andrew

Fitz confronts Gerry about his Twitter account and the Reston t-shirt he bought online. Gerry says  he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and starts yelling about his brother/dad going through his things. Karen leaves in a huff running smack dab into a partially clothed Mellie and Andrew who were fogging up the windows in another room. Mellie tries to smooth things over by telling Karen that it wasn’t what it looked like, but Karen saw her on her knees and starts yelling at her to shut up and says that she is leaving.

Fitz meets with Jake and demands that he gives up Dmitiri. Jake said that even if he had him, which is not admitting to, he would not hand him over because he is not the President’s bytch. Fitz tries to pull rank but Jake clowns the hell out of him by telling him that he looks pretty and talks tough but does nothing. I think  one of the requirements for being Command is the ability to master indignant monologues.

Cyrus’ Confession

Cyrus bursts into Fitz’ office  and attacks Jake with a vase because he knows that he killed James. I thought Cyrus was about to have another heart attack the way he was breathing all hard and with his eyes bugging out of his head. Jake handled Cyrus without  breaking a sweat and had nerve to say that he was sorry for his loss- just wrong. Cyrus later confides to Fitz that James would have brought down Sally and their entire administration had he lived and says that he brought it on himself. I hope James comes back to haunt all of these heathens! How are you going to shoot someone, stick around to usher him to the other side and then have nerve to give your condolences to the man’s husband? The same husband who put a hit on the victim, twice, and then had audacity to say it was his own fault. Hell to the no!Obama Aw Hell Naw

Mama Pope Breaks it Down

Marie calls Olivia and asked her to return Adnan who is over at OPA trying to get immunity because she is pretending to be afraid but she is really playing Harrison. Olivia calls her mama a traitor and a terrorist, but Marie tells her that she might be a traitor, but she would rather be that than the help cleaning up behind “those people.” Mamma ends the call with a thinly veiled threat telling her that if that is all Olivia wants out of life, she will stay out of her business so long as she stays out of hers.

Scandal You're Juat the Help

Mellie is hitting the scotch after that scene with Karen and Olivia suggests that she switch to coffee since she still has to do that interview. Mellie says that they need to cancel the interview but Olivia says that she can’t do that which prompts Mells to imperiously ask what they were paying her to do – right after Mama Pope called her the help too?! Ole Mellie got some bass in her voice after finally getting her pipes cleaned.

Jake sends Quinn to meet with Huck to find out what he wants, and Huck says that he wants Jake to free her from B613. She asked him why he was suddenly trying to save her when just last week he wanted to kill her. She licks his face – ick – and they start making out before she pushes him away. Charlie is not going to like this. Quinn returns home to find that Charlie moved in, without asking, and has cooked dinner to celebrate.

Harrison gets freaky with Adnan in the office again and afterwards she stabs him with a syringe of who-knows-what which paralyzes him. Ah Harrison, you finally get more than 10 seconds on screen and it turns out like this.

Jake Comes for Daddy Pope Who is Never Scared

Jake visits Rowan at his day job and tells him to stay out of his business because he heard that he had been calling around asking questions. Jake asks him if he needs to revisit the terms of Daddy Pope’s retirement which launches Rowan into another epic read. I thought he was going to hit him with that same “you are a boy” speech that he gave Fitz, but he instead tells Jake that he is alone and not his equal. Jake thanked him for reminding him that when -not if- he decides to kill him he needs to do it alone. Daddy Pope responds with a nod and a look that invites him to leap if he’s feeling froggy. Man, it would have been perfect had they played BoneCrusher’s “Never Scared” during that scene.


Daddy Pope is Never Scared

Karen told Fitz about Mellie’s extracurricular activities. The boy President runs off to find to find Andrew and punches him right in the face. Mellie tries to help Fitz with his busted hand but he waves her off and starts asking how long she’d been creeping with Andrew. He says that she turned him away after Gerry was born claiming that having a baby changed her and she was no longer interested in sex. He started yelling at her for ruining their marriage because he would not have cheated if she was not frigid for all those years. This reminds me of when Cyrus brought Olivia in for the first campaign and Fitz got mad because she said he looked like he doesn’t have sex with his wife – she was right!

Fitz Puts Olivia in Her Place

Olivia is listening outside the whole time while Fitz is going after Mellie for how she ruined their marriage.  He gave her plenty of chances to tell him that his drunken father raped her, but she would only say that she had given up more than he would ever know. This made him angrier, and Fitz started yelling at her: “All you have done is deny me love and scheme to have power. You tell me one thing that you have done, one thing that you have sacrificed… What have you lost?!” Olivia walked in as he was berating Mellie who stands there looking like a deer in the headlights.  Liv tries to intervene, only to have Fitz scream that he is talking to his wife further reinforcing the reality of her being the Help. Our girl is having a bad day.

Fitz Says he is talking to his wife

Having had enough of the Grants’ abuse, Olivia leaves.  On the way out of the White House she sees Cyrus who tells her that unlike him, she can play through the pain while he is going home to cry over his dead husband. “Tell me we’re not the help,” she pleads. “I’d be lying if I did. You know what we do,” Cyrus replies without his normal shade.

Olivia returns to tell Fitz to fix his family because it is not her place and they still have to do that interview. “I am at work. This is my job! If this interview is a disaster then I will have failed at my job, and I cannot afford to fail at my job because this is all I have left!” I hope this means that she is finally done with him because that man does not mean her any good.

Fitz walks up to Mellie who is steeling herself for another cursing out, but Fitz extends his hand. She takes it, and they go talk to their children, and they all show up for the interview just in the nick of time. Cyrus is watching from home with Ella who is not a baby anymore, and it looks like he is crying.

Cyrus and Ella

David and Abby return to the office with Adnan’s immunity deal only to find Harrison on the floor bleeding from the mouth. Meanwhile, Adnan is showing  Marie and Ivan a flash drive containing information that she stole from Olivia’s PC after drugging Harrison. It is full of confidential campaign info including itineraries, exit routes and personnel. But wait – Jake has them under surveillance yet decides not to stop them because he wants to see what they are planning.

Rowan calls Olivia and tells her that she is looking in the wrong place for B613 funding because they get money from everyone. She asks why he is helping her, and he says that it’s because they are family, and family sticks together. The camera zooms in on the Grants seated for their interview once again demonstrating that they are family and she is not. Fade to black…..

Eh, after last week, I did not feel this episode was all that good:

  • I am tired of Olivia being bullied and disrespected by everyone. She is averaging something like one death threat per show and can’t even get any comfort from her own mother. And Fitz’ sorry arse had nerve to pull the ole “that’s my wife” card when she was only trying to help? He wasn’t worried about his wife when he was pushing up on her in his office.
  • Also, I am sick of Mellie protecting Fitz’ sorry daddy. Why won’t she just tell him the truth so he can stop acting like she is some frigid monster?
  • I do not know what they are planning to do with Huck and Quinn, but I am not here for it! Quinn needs to go, and I do not care how they do it, but she needs to disappear pronto.
  • Jake best think twice before coming for Daddy Pope. I don’t know if he had a bowl of Wheaties before that confrontation, but Rowan was in charge for too long to be intimidated by someone selected by the Boy president. And if they do kill him off it’s not going to be alright.
  • It rained all night long, and I have DirectTV so I missed half the show due to signal loss and had to watch it online this morning.  I was not amused.



2 thoughts on “Scandal Episode 315-Mama Said Knock You Out

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t too impressed by this episode in comparison to last week’s when James was killed. The only real highlights for me was when Mellie got caught on her knees with her tiddays out by her daughter, Mama Pope calling Olivia ‘The Help,” Rowan reading Jake and Harrison getting played by Adnan. To me Cyrus knew all along Jake was behind it, because Cyrus was the one who ordered the hit against Publuis. He knew it was James, he even told James as much when he was all tearful and apologetic, which is so NOT Cyrus. I guess reality has finally sunk in and he is upset now over James and he’s right… it is his fault!

    I so thought Mellie was going to finally break down and tell Fitz what his daddy did to her; but I also believe that Liv timed her intrusion to keep Mellie from saying whatever kept her away from Fitz for all those years, because even though Oliva may not know that Fitz’s daddy raped Mellie; she knew whatever Mellie was about to reveal would only drive Fitz back into Mellie’s arms and she couldn’t have that, but instead of the usually warm greeting she receives from Fitz, he reminded her was was a jumpoff and showed her the lane in which she must stay.

    And Charlie is no fool. He knows Quinn is full of doo doo and he also knows how Huck is, which is why ole boy up and moved in her crib without warning. If Quinn exits the show, it will more than likely be Charlie who takes her out.


  2. Nope I was not impressed at all. The only good parts for me came from Liv’s parents when they were trying to school ole girl to the ways of the world, but you know she doesn’t listen.

    Those rude azz kids were wearing me out! When that little heffa yelled at her mother and told her to get out of her room, I was waiting for that ole salty Mellie to show up, but nope. She was shamed and quiet.

    I want Quinn to go away, Daddy Pope to be re-instated and Ella to get a new Mommy because Cyrus is going to return to his evil ways soon enough and that child is going to need a soft place to land as Dr. Phil calls it.

    They need to bring back the old Liv. I understand that Kerry is pregnant and taking it easy, but I cannot take much more of her getting played by everyone.


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